The Enticing Cup of Joe

The wi-fi enabled coffeehouse adventures of Joe Despres.
The new French press. 

The new French press. 

Two skeletons walk into a coffeehouse…

Last time I detailed my tasty quest into the realm of the banana pancake latte, served up fresh at Jaho Coffee & Tea in Salem, MA.  The flavor this time around isn’t adventurous nor will it ever have its name immortalized in the coffee hall of fame - but the iced Mocha Latte served up at Front Street Coffeehouse in downtown Salem will put your mind and tastebuds at ease.  It’s a perfect cold caffeinated drink when you are chasing down that bit of energy you need to keep your day going while simultaneously hitting your chocolate craving quota for the day.  The mocha and coffee flavors housed within the cup are happily engaged in a blissful, well-balanced relationship - neither overpowering the other.

Front Street Coffeehouse is located on Front Street in Salem, MA.  Yes - until I graduate from Salem State you will probably see a trend of Salem-related coffeehouses.  Luckily they are all pretty great!  Front Street Coffeehouse has been around since 1996 and has brought a cozy charm to downtown Salem ever since.  The brick wall to your left upon walking in always has a plethora of advertisements for local Salem events, really cool pieces of art and a wide array of various sized hula-hoops.  The right side of the coffeehouse sports an always rotating collection of fascinating art or photography.  Of course I would be doing them no justice if I didn’t mention the hanging lamp above the coffee bar that resembles a pug!  The dim lighting, accompanied by the orange and white Christmas lights adorned on the window and behind the counter, color this place with a serene, taking-it-easy kind of vibe.

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Let’s sleep in and make banana pancakes


You guessed it.  The title of this debut post is simply used as a foreshadowing to the big flavor reveal that was comfortably hiding below the heart-felt surface of the cup of caffeinated heaven that you see sitting atop this block of text. 

Banana Pancake latte

I’ve never actually indulged in the real life pancakes that have bananas incorporated into their fluffy batter but I can imagine they paint a lot of breakfast smiles on peoples satisfied faces.  I have, however, heard the Jack Johnson song - but other than the name that fact is completely irrelevant seeing lyrics don’t have flavor - not literally anyway.  This wonderful hot (or cold) beverage combines the morning smell of brewing coffee with the distinctive aroma of banana pancakes sizzling on the skillet.  It’s a smooth, gentle taste that kind of just makes you want to hug somebody between sips.  

Where did I purchase this?

Jaho Coffee & Tea in Salem, Massachusetts.  This coffeehouse is a treasure trove of eccentric beverages that will massage your taste buds with their robust, yet elegant hand motions.  The atmosphere sports soft lighting and a, “living room” like feel that’s only missing the fireplace.  The barista’s always greet you with a smile because they are anticipating how overjoyed you’re about to become when your lips become friends with whatever drink you decided to order.

Price $$$ - This little brewed treat will run you about $4.50.  A little on the expensive side but completely worth it. 

Go here.  You won’t regret it.